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Four Scenes from the Passion of Christ

Flagellation (image lost), Mocking, Carrying of the Cross, Crucifixion

Adam Zumbach (1651–1693) and Franz Josef Müller (1658–1713)
Zug, 1683
Each panel c.35 x 27cm

The original glazing decorating the Baroque Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel (the Büeler Chapel) in Schwyz

Chapel Foundation Zur Schmerzhaften Muttergottes in Schwyz, Switzerland


These four stained-glass panels were part of the overarching decorative scheme for the space of the Büeler Chapel in Schwyz. They have their counterparts in four oil paintings that still hang in the chapel, which is why the lost fourth scene, which went missing in c.1880, can be identified as having been the Flagellation of Christ. The panels were removed in the late 1920s and put into storage by Anton Büeler-Smulders (1900–2001). 

Our gallery holds also a portrait on glass of the young Anne Smulders  , the wife of Anton Büeler.

Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel in Schwyz  


Rückkehr in die Gnadenkapelle? , in: Weltkunst, 10/2008, pp. 28-29
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Stained-glass donations, Passion of Christ, The Lady of Sorrows Chapel in Schwyz