Rudolf Münger (1862-1929)

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Perseus and Andromeda

Stained-glass donation in honor of the Nobel prize winner for medical science in 1909
Professor Emil Theodor Kocher (1841-1917)
Designed by Rudolf Münger (1862-1929)
Executed by Kirsch & Fleckner
Switzerland, Fribourg, 1912

83.5 × 47cm

Bern, Museale Sammlung der Inselspital-Stiftung


The window shows motifs from the Perseus myth as told by Ovid in his Metamorphoses (IV, 665ff), condensed into a single depiction. The main subject is the story of the rescue of Princess Andromeda by Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danae. In his left hand he is carrying the head of the Gorgon Medusa, a trophy from an earlier deed, whose fatal power of turning people into stone he will later use as a weapon. With the sword held in his raised right hand he is about to slay the sea-monster (Ketos) gliding through the waves beneath him in order to rescue Princess Andromeda, seen in the background chained to a rock as a sacrifice to Ketos.

The saga of Perseus and Andromeda has often been a theme in the pictorial arts as well as in literature and music. The version or composition here originates from the painter, stained-glass painter and graphic artist Rudolf Münger (1862-1929). Stylistically the artist appears to have leanings towards the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts movement in England, a style characterized by breathtaking density and aesthetic beauty.

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