Francis Chigot (1879-1960)

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Garden in the Rain - Jardin sous la Pluie

France, Limoges, Francis Chigot, 1928
Inspired by the piano piece Estampe No. III "Jardins sous la pluie" by Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

Exhibitions: Salon des Artistes Decorateurs, Paris 1928, Montreal 1933, Limoges 1980

Francis Chigot, Mâitre Verrier, catalogue for the exhibition in the Hotel Maleden, Limoges, 10 June – 4 October 1980, passim, ill. I; Françoise Perrot and Hubert Védrine, ‘Chigot et le vitrail profane’, in Monuments Historiques, 152, 1987, pp. 70–76, col. pl. on p. 70

The Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo USA


This window is an exquisite standalone example of the stained-glass artist’s work and is reminiscent of certain paintings by Lyonel Feininger.

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Stained-glass window