Studio Geyling seit 1841

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At the Heuriger - with a Group of Musicians and a Tavern Singer

Vienna, Geyling studio (Carl Geyling’s Heirs)?, c.1940
93 × 147cm
Polychrome moulded glass, red flashed glass, enamels, lead


Lively, folkloric scene with a typically Viennese theme: the sale of the new wine (knowno as Heuriger), in a Heuriger tavern near Vienna. In addition, music is being played, accompanying a Heuriger singer, beneath a moonlit and starlit sky. Loving couples in 1940s clothing, dressed to go out, murmur sweet nothings to each other at the tables. In the background, Kreuzenstein Castle stands proudly in the Vienna Woods above the Danube.

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