Armorial Panel of the Steiner Brothers

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Armorial Panel of the Brothers Heinrich and Hans Heinrich Steiner

From Wülflingen (district of Winterthur, Zurich canton)
Zurich/Winterthur, 1615

A very beautiful piece and a cultural historical document

Historischer Verein (Historical Society) in Winterthur


This small panel shows the canting arms of the Steiner family, an ibex atop steep, snowy peaks. Hunters in green outfits, each with a falcon on one hand and a dog at his side, pose on either side of the inscription cartouche; the upper panel shows a deer hunt. The pictorial programme bears witness to the donors’ passion for hunting; this was no doubt fostered by the situation of their castle, which at the time was surrounded by woodland, in Wülflingen (which became a municipality in 1922).

The ruins of the castle at Alt-Wülflingen sit on a hill above the Totentäli valley near Winterthur, and can be visited.

The castle ruins at Alt-Wülflingen in WIKIPEDIA 

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