Adam von Lengheim zu Pertlstein

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Adam von Lengheim zu Pertlstein

Panel that was once part of a larger scheme
Austria, south-eastern Steiermark, 1582
30 x 20cm

The arms are rendered in red flashed glass with fine etching; black vitreous paint, yellow silver stain, blue corner pieces; very beautiful drawing


The inscription connects this panel Bertholdstein Castle situated in the eastern Steiermark west of Fehring. The donor of the panel, Adam von Lengheim, acquired the castle by purchase from Policarp Stürgkh in 1578. Pertlstein remained in the hands of the Lengheim family until 1794.

Since the land-law acts in the Steiermark, to which the Lengheim family as country gentry would have been subject, only came into force in 1589 when Adam was already dead, we have no further information about him. He died on 31 March 1585 and was interred in the parish church of Trauttmannsdorf, where a magnificent, four-part epitaph may be seen to this day. The Kapfenstein, Weißeneck and Grottenhofen demesnes at times also belonged to Adam, usually however in his capacity as warden.

In 1620, the head of the Lengheim family was elevated to the rank of baron (Freiherr), and in 1674 to the rank of count. The male descendants of the house died out with Joachim Graf Lengheim in 1835; his daughter died a spinster in 1858.

We are very grateful to Dr Walter Brunner of Graz, privy councillor and university lecturer, for supplying us with the information given here.

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