The Tirolean Eagle and Falcon

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The Tirolien Eagle and Falcon

Made by the Tiroler Glasmalerei & Mosaikanstalt
Innsbruck, c.1890
73 × 52cm

Very imposing, patriotic panel, in good original condition. On the panels is the first verse of the poem by Johann Chrysostomus Senn (1795–1857):

Adler! Tiroler Adler! Warum bist du so roth?
Vom rothen Sonnenscheine, Vom rothen Feuerweine
Vom Feindesblute roth, Davon bin ich so roth.

‘Eagle, eagle of Tirol! Why are you so red?’
‘It’s the red sunshine, the red fire wine,
The red of the blood my enemies – that’s why I’m so red.’

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