John Nickelsen (1865-1950)

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Cinema Window no. 3

John Nickelsen of the Nordische Kunstanstalt für Glas-Dekoration (Northern Art Institute for Glass Decoration)
Hamburg, 1932
172 × 79.8cm
Polychrome moulded and flashed glasses, painted with black vitreous paint and yellow silver stain

Prestigious classic modernist window, created for the Hamburger Lichtspielbühne cinema at Steindamm 51, Hamburg


This window, together with nine others, constituted part of the lighting scheme for the Hamburg Lichtspielbühne cinema. The windows were arranged on either side of the audience’s rows of seats and were dimmed during the presentation. They survived the bombing of Hamburg in 1943 in the cinema’s cellar. The building was reconstructed after the war, but demolished in 1971.

This is very beautiful piece of work in good condition from the glory days of German glass-painting in the twentieth century, which exhibits clear affiliations with contemporary expressionist painting and the Bauhaus in Dessau.

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Stained-glass window, Bauhaus, architectural glass