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Young Lady with Fan

Carl Johann Baptist Wetzel
Stuttgart, c.1860
After the oil-painting Roman Lady from Albano by August Riedel (1799-1883)
25.5 × 20.1cm
Clear-glass unipartite panel, painted with transparent and opaque gouaches, in its original wooden frame; in exceptional condition


This attractive young woman, her upper body leaning slightly forwards, engages the viewer’s gaze in a friendly and smiling, yet at the same time secretive manner. Her silky brown hair shines, as do her eyes, like the blue taffeta of her skirt and the sleeve of her grey-silk blouse. She stands in a dark room beneath a window through which rays of light enter. Posed in an elegant stance, she holds in her right hand a closed fan, which was not only a fashionable woman’s accessory, but a status symbol, a symbol of femininity, and a tool of coquettishness.

This small panel is of exceptional quality, and it cannot be ruled out that the glass-painter had a background in porcelain painting.

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Biografie Carl Johann Baptist Wetzel

Stained-glass painting, Kabinettscheibe