Three Months of the Year

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Three Months of the Year: March - May - September

With verses in English
England, London, c.1870
Each panel 19.5 x 29cm
Oval unipartite panels, painted with black vitreous paint and yellow silver stain


The month of March is represented by a young man with a daffodil in his right hand, grasping a young tree with his left. Beneath him is the following verse.
‘Dear Solitude, the soul’s best friend / that man acquainted with himself doth make’
(From the poem ‘Dovedale: The Retirement’ by Charles Cotton (1630–1687))

The month of May is represented by a young falconer on horseback. The following verse appears with it.
‘It’s a royal sport! Than for an evening flight / A tiercel gentle, which I call, my masters’
(From the play ‘The Guardian’ by Philip Massinger (1586–1640))

The month of September is represented by a young farmer, who is reaping corn. Beneath him is the following verse.
‘Behind his back a scythe and by his side / Under his belt he bore a sickle circling wide’
(From the epic poem ‘The Faerie Queene’ by Edmund Spenser (1552/3–1599))

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Stained-glass paintings, falconry, hawking, circle of the months