Nemesis: Righteous Fortune

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Nemesis: Righteous Fortune

Glass-painting after the copperplate print by Albrecht Dürer of 1501/02
Southern Germany, c.1880
33.5 x 23cm
Signed below on the right ‘VF’(?)
Clear-glass unipartite panel, painted with brown vitreous paint and yellow silver stain


During his Italian tour in 1494, Albrecht Dürer stopped off in Chiusa and sketched the locality. He later reworked this sketch into his copperplate print 'Nemesis'. The goddess of righteous fortune is here shown on a sphere floating above a panorama of Chiusa in the Valle Isarco in the Tirol.

The volatility of luck is symbolized by the sphere of Fortune, on which Nemesis stands. Nemesis, on the other hand, is borne on wings, and proffers a covered goblet as a reward for good deeds while at the same time holding reins in readiness for the intemperate.

This panel is a very beautiful nineteenth-century translation of a copperplate print into glass-painting. No other copies are known.

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Stained-glass painting, Kabinettscheibe, painting on glass