Hans Gottfried von Stockhausen (1920-2010)

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The glass-painter, painter, and draughtsman Hans Gottfried von Stockhausen came from Trendelburg (Nordhessen), from a noble family with many different branches. After the Second World War, he studied stained glass and mosaics in Stuttgart under Rudolf Yelin. In 1968, he became the director of a basic course in painting, and in 1970 took on the teaching position of his teacher Yelin. He became known above all for his stained glass, which he created for numerous churches at home and abroad, but also for his independent individual panels and art-glass pictures, a discipline whose establishment and development, for private and public spaces as well as for art collections, can be traced back to him.

Von Stockhausen was the painter in post-war glass-painting. He never took the step towards abstraction, and remained a figurative artist, preferring the old techniques and colours and biblical and mythological stories, which he made gleam with his painterly language.



Ada Isensee und Hans Gottfried von Stockhausen