Union de Artistas Vidrieros Irun

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The workshop of the Union de Artistas Vidrieros Irun (Irun Union of Glass Artists) was founded in 1923 in the burgeoning Basque city of Irun (Gipuzkoa province), on the border with France.
Before the Second World War, the workshop benefited greatly from the proximity of the renowned Mauméjean workshop in Hendaye, where the important painter and designer Luis Boada Rolin (1899‑1978) was working. In 1923, Rolin returned to Irun, where he founded the city’s first glass-painting studio with Jesús Arrecubieta Otaño y Echaniz. Between 1924 and 1926, business at the studio prospered, but was brought to an abrupt end by the Spanish War. The studio was destroyed, but it was re-established three years later by Rolin and Otaño y Echaniz, and fortunes flourished again with artists such as Antonio Saura, Carlos Muñoz and Manuel Romero. Branches were established in Madrid, Barcelona and New York, and commissions were received from all round the world.
The company employed about 70 people, and in a period of 51 years executed about 5,000 works. The studio was closed in 1975, but reopened in Madrid in 2007 under Roman Mural.

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