Otto Linnemann (1876-1961)

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Otto Linnemann was a glass-painter and monumental painter in Frankfurt. He was born into a well-known dynasty of glass-painters in Frankfurt am Main, and learned the technical aspects of his craft from his father Alexander Linnemann (1839‑1902). In 1889, the latter founded his own studio, which was taken over after his death by his sons Rudolf and Otto. They worked as painters, glass-painters, architectural painters, and restorers.

Working under the influence of Jugendstil, the brothers developed their own modern style. They produced windows for many sacred and secular buildings, including cathedrals in Germany ‑ Frankfurt am Main (Hessen), Erfurt (Thuringien), Naumburg (Sachsen-Anhalt), and Meißen (Freistaat Sachsen). The Linnemanns received many commissions from abroad. 
After Rudolf’s death, Otto ran the studio single-handedly through two world wars. In 1923, he was awarded an extraordinary professorship in architectural painting at the Technische Hochschule (Technical College) in Darmstadt, a role he was able to fulfil until 1943.

A complete worklist for Alexander, Rudolf and Otto Linnemann is currently being drawn up as part of a doctoral thesis.


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