Hieronymus Lang (um 1520-1582)

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Hieronymous Lang was born in 1520, either in Hüfingen, or Villingen in the Black Forest, and probably moved to Schaffhausen in around 1540. He married there, became a citizen, and was accepted in the local artists’ guild (the Zunft zum Rüden) as a painter, glass-painter, and decorative painter specializing in pattern work. He was the first of four generations of a glass-painting dynasty, of which his son Daniel and his nephew Hans Caspar were especially prominent.

The family had competitors in the figures of their contemporaries the Lindtmayer and Stimmer families. Together these families were responsible for Schaffhausen’s fame as the most important centre for glass-painting in the Upper Rhein. The Lang family was very productive, and examples of its designs for panels and stained glass may be found in the collections of the princes of Fürstenberg in Donaueschingen and at Heiligenberg Castle; in the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen; and further afield in public and private collections abroad.


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